Wide Spectrum CBD Free Flow Form Vape Extract 70%+


Elevate your vaping experience with our Wide Spectrum CBD Free Flow Form Vape Extract. Featuring over 70% total cannabinoids, including more than 50% CBD, and THC levels below 0.05%, our extract embodies the entourage effect. Enjoy a seamless vaping journey with a formula resistant to crystallization and crafted for purity.

  • More than 50 wt% of CBD
  • Total cannabinoid content above 70 wt%
  • THC level below 0.05 wt%
  • Experience the entourage effect
  • Resistant to crystallization (Flow Form Formula)
  • Power of cannabinoids in every breath.
  • Vegan
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Our Purpose

Step into the world of vaping innovation as we unveil the intricate process behind our Wide Spectrum CBD Free Flow Form Vape Extract. Rooted in precision and scientific expertise, our process is a testament to crafting a vaping experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our journey begins with sourcing the finest hemp, carefully selected to ensure optimal cannabinoid content. This raw material undergoes meticulous extraction, resulting in a concentrated distillate. What sets our process apart is the focus on maintaining the integrity of the wide spectrum of cannabinoids.

Through a proprietary Flow Form Formula, we ensure that our extract remains resistant to crystallization, guaranteeing a consistent and smooth vaping experience. This innovative formula preserves the entourage effect, where various cannabinoids work in harmony to amplify the potential benefits of CBD.

Rigorous testing is conducted to confirm that the extract contains over 50 wt% of CBD and a total cannabinoid content exceeding 70 wt%. With a THC level below 0.05 wt%, we assure you of a vaping experience free from unwanted psychoactive effects.


Cannabinoid Content

Discover the intricate world of cannabinoids within our Wide Spectrum CBD Free Flow Form Vape Extract. With over 70 wt% total cannabinoid content, including more than 50 wt% CBD, our extract embraces the entourage effect. Delve into the harmony of cannabinoids as you experience a vaping journey that transcends expectations, with THC levels below 0.05 wt%. Elevate your vaping experience with a symphony of compounds meticulously crafted for your well-being.

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