CBD Isolate Extract Oils


Crafted with precision and pharmaceutical-grade excellence, our CBD Isolate Extract Oils offer pure CBD potency. Available in strengths from 10% to 66%, these oils uphold 0% impurities, ensuring a truly pristine experience. Immerse yourself in the essence of purity and elevate your wellness journey with each drop.

  • Pure CBD Extract, 0% impurities
  • Pharmaceutical-grade excellence
  • Choose from 10%, 20%, 40%, 33%, 60%, and 66% concentrations
  • Available sizes: 10ml, 30ml, and 50m
  • Transforms into a fine powder with no flavor or smell
  • Pre-EFSA approval, expect FSA approval soon
  • 1 Gram of Extract contains 99.9mg of CBD Extract
  • NO THC Content, so no High Effect
  • Individually Batch Tested CBD Purity & Content per flavour/strength (See Lab Results Below)
  • Vegan Friendly
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Our Process

Embark on a journey into the heart of our CBD Isolate Extract Oil creation process, where purity and precision merge to form an exceptional product. At the core of our process lies the commitment to delivering pharmaceutical-grade quality in every drop.

Our journey commences with sourcing premium hemp, the foundation of our exquisite CBD Isolate Extract. Extracted with precision, this extract starts as pure CBD, devoid of any impurities. As it progresses through various stages of refinement, it transforms from its raw form to a crystalline structure. This pristine substance is then meticulously ground into a fine powder, devoid of terpenes, flavors, or scents.

The result is a product that epitomizes purity. Our CBD Isolate Extract boasts 0% impurities, meeting pharmaceutical-grade standards that elevate your well-being. Every step of our process is meticulously executed, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

We are proud to present a product that embraces purity in its truest form. From the laboratory to your hands, our CBD Isolate Extract Oil remains a testament to precision and quality. The culmination of our process is a product that holds the promise of wellness, allowing you to experience CBD’s potential benefits without any interference from terpenes or other compounds.

Elevate your wellness journey with our CBD Isolate Extract Oils, a result of a process that brings out the best in purity and quality. Immerse yourself in the essence of our process and embrace a new dimension of well-being.

Cannabinoid Content

Experience the precision of cannabinoid content in every drop of our CBD Isolate Extract Oils. Each milliliter (1ml) or 1 gram of extract contains a meticulously measured 99.9mg of pure CBD isolate. Crafted with pharmaceutical-grade excellence, our oils uphold 0% impurities, ensuring you receive the essence of CBD in its truest form. Immerse yourself in the potency of isolated cannabinoids, free from terpenes and other molecules, as you embark on a wellness journey driven by purity and quality.

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10ml, 30ml, 50ml


1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg, 6000mg, 10000mg, 20000mg, 30000mg


10%, 20%, 33%, 40%, 60%, 66%